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1L Neoprene water bottle sleeve Ocean theme

R 100.00
Bright sleeve for ocean and beach lovers. These items can save a life! Source of valuable fresh water, and when empty, one bottle filled with air below each armpit could keep you + buoyant! I'll walk the gangplank any day with two of these babies! Once hooked, you'll never be without them again, even on the occasional days when you have to hit the office. Buy this item and automatically become a supporter of the NSRI, as we contribute some of the proceeds to this amazing organisation. The cool theme will resonate with boaters, fishermen, divers, spearos and all lovers of the ocean, its beaches and its amazing underwater world. As an added bonus, the 5 mm neoprene is soft as snow and unlike cooler boxes, boat and shin friendly. Very cool on the dive duck, hook 'em on the rack when you suit up, chilled water after your hour in magnificence has never tasted this good. Who knows better than us ocean users the need to keep plastic out of the big blue? The more people we can get hooked on these, the less plastic ends up in our oceans, cool and simple, what a concept!

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