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1L Neoprene water bottle sleeve 'Farmscene'

R 100.00
I decided to do a design for and in honor of our farmers in South Africa, hard-core, passionate people who love the land and love to provide. Our farmers are indeed some of the best in the world, facing drought, lack of support from government, harsh climatic changes and deteriorating infrastructure, yet they seem to keep the faith and producing crops to feed the nation, looking after God's earth while keeping rural SA alive in a world where urbanization is the trend. Hats of to all you guys out there! Our sleeves will go a long way in making your day a lot cooler. Yup, the old hessian water bag that needs to be kept wet, in the shade and in a breeze has a younger brother and he is lean, mean, and works where his 'boet' fails to make the cut. No words on this sleeve as I am 'speechless' and in awe of who you are and what you do! We tried to choose colors where dirt don't show as quick, but they are washable, so don't worry too much when they are rolling around on the bakkie's floorboard or lying next to you in the mud when you are starting that old Lister.

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