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Why use PET bottles?


  •  Commercial soft drink bottles are everywhere, and we would love to see this roll out to communities far and wide, having bottles in abundance in these areas already is a massive plus, even more so for poorer and isolated communities.
  • With words like recycle, up-cycle, re-purpose, reuse and reclaim trending and increasingly becoming a part of our lifestyles, it is a very good time for all of us to join or increase the effort to make things a little easier on our beautiful planet.


  • Sadly, poor service delivery is a problem that is experienced at all levels. Schools are no different and we often hear reports where water supply and sanitation have fallen in disrepair, or where local government are failing to upkeep and repair infrastructure. Sensible parents will realize that making sure their kids take water to school is necessary, not only to ensure they are hydrated throughout the day, but also as a countermeasure for such events.
  • It is the most cost effective bottle to use for a program where you intend to change habits, obtaining a ‘new’ bottle when yours have been lost or damaged cannot be simpler, they are literally everywhere! Most retailers who sell water bottles follow market/consumer trends, and your kid’s favorite bottle may not be available on the shelf in 12 months’ time, this may cause him/her to drop the healthy habit of drinking water. The sleeve hides the bottle itself, and the sleeve becomes the cool-to-have item, rather than the bottle.
  • Sleeves are printable, design can be altered quite easily to renew its appeal to its users.
  • The bottles are very strong and handles wear and tear extremely well. When filled appropriately, bottles can do hundreds of cycles without a burst or crack, opposed to some other options out there, many of which leak ever so often or have components that break easily. Ask any kid to do a ‘fill-and-kick around’ test, and you’ll be convinced.
  • Our bottles with 5 mm liner is soft as snow, flasks getting damaged, dented, scratched, broken or cracked when handled is a thing of the past.
  • Corporate companies are consistently under pressure to reduce emissions, their products (PET containers) are some of the ‘greenest’ in the industry, compared to small independent manufacturers.
  • Using and re-using the soft drink bottle makes you a green warrior, you also help the soft drink company to become one, by adding value to their packaging.

  • PET bottles are BPA free with no chance of BPA’s leaching into drinking water when exposed to sun/higher temperatures.
  • The thin walled PET bottle requires much less material to make than other commercial water bottles, giving it another green tick.
  • Finally, and very importantly; The packaging from huge multinational firms is traceable and highly regulated in various countries around the globe, this leaves very little space for contraventions or products impacting negatively of public health. Can you trace the origins of the bottle you and your family are using currently, and what are the credentials of this manufacturer ?

So apart from looking cool?

  • Save bundles. With a cost of around 10 to 15 rands for a soft drink or bottled water, many parents are spending more than R 250 per month per child on beverages, money that could be saved or used for extra math classes, a new bicycle or sports gear. With some serious increases for consumer goods and foodstuffs on the cards in SA, it makes sense to make the change to a cheaper, much healthier alternative.
  • Kids consume less of the sugary stuff.
  • Improved performance of kids.
  • Cold or frozen contents lasts up to three times longer, this ensures your ‘refreshment’ remains refreshing.
  • The Neoprene sleeve slows and retains the condensate that forms on bottles when ice defrosts. This is always a hassle as you cannot put it down anywhere, certainly not in a schoolbag among your books or paper projects, even more so when you also carry expensive electronic equipment. When working at a desk, condensate can damage the furniture or the stationary that you are busy using. Be advised that there is some moisture formation on the outside on the sleeve on days or at locations with high humidity.. 
  • No cumbersome flasks required any more, these are ergonomic and can slipped into available cavities, heck, you can even fill the bottle 50% and flatten it before freezing it to enable slipping them into places where no conventional water bottle has gone before.
  • Kids will drink more water.

  • Bottles and sleeves are robust, and will outlast most commercial bottles out there.
  • Sports nozzles and a flexible bottle allows for huge gulps without having to stop and purge the container. Nozzles are all pretty standard, and if the one we supply is not to your liking, find one that fits and pop it on.
  • Kids can personalize their bottles/tags.
  • Tags (schools project) will make identification and ownership easy, with no two bottles tagged the same, losses on account of negligence should be minimized.
  • The product comes into its own at sports events, sports practice and other extra-mural activities.
  • The sleeve can also used it to keep your favourite carbonated cooldrink chilled, as the sleeve was designed to fit existing PET bottles, you can slip your Coke, Cream-Soda, Lemon Twist, Stoney etc into the sleeve and keep it cold when driving, going to a picnic, braai or at any other event.