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You are the future

Our schools program is our greatest passion. We are 100% sure we have identified the simplest, coolest way to raise the bar of SA's educational system! As far as we can determine there exists no study on hydration in schools in South Africa. Studies from Europe and America has found that more than half of all kids in the 4 to 13 age groups receive inadequate daily intake of food and beverage, we suspect the percentage may be substantially higher in South Africa. 

The University of Connecticut's Human Performance Laboratory has found that even mild hydration can impede mental ability substantially. a General assumption seems to be that we can expect a decline of around 10% in mental function, and a 20% reduction in sports ability when dehydrating. Pondering this and other research, one has to come to the conclusion that establishing good hydration habits is very, very important for education, and the general well-being of our children. It is also a very simple solution to implement in the quest to better our educational system. Regardless of these facts, proper hydration seems to be a concept very few learners gets to realize and practice. In some cases learners are even prevented (albeit with good intention) from leaving classes to drink water when they are thirsty, with a direct detrimental effect on their ability to learn.

Listen carefully...  
  • A 10-20% donation on all sales generated through school channels will be donated to the school.
  • The project can be allocated to any division within the school or its associates/partners, we are flexible and undertake to make the project as streamlined as possible to eliminate time spent on administration by teachers and staff, as we believe their time belongs to the learners, and not to us. 
  • The Becool@school project  could be allocated to departments where funding options are limited or constrained.
  • The product supports a policy of uniformity, and enhances pride in your institution.
  • Reduces the occurrence of the ‘mine is better than yours’ phenomena.
  • Alertness in classrooms will increase.
  • Hydrated kids are to better performers, translating directly into a better performing school.
  • By supporting this cause your school shows innovation and projects a positive image.
  • Schools participating in this program are actively involved in a campaign that reduces waste and promotes sustainable practices.
  • Major sponsors of the school can be awarded a logo on the backside of the sleeve, alternatively the space can be auctioned to the highest bidder, resulting in additional revenue.
  • The school can run competitions for the design of the following year’s sleeve/cover, this way the scholars identify with the product as it reflects their efforts/vote and gives them the opportunity to give input into the appearance of their ‘uniform’. This is quite a new concept, and we anticipate very positive feedback from having kids involved in such a process.
  • Tags will make identification and ownership easy, and reduce piles of stuff at lost & found.
  • Sleeves minimize water damage to school equipment/furniture.
  • We offer custom designed protective tablet sleeves as a add-on for schools who have started with education utilizing electronic mediums.