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Safe and Green

 Is it safe?

PET bottles are BPA free, and safe for re-use. That being said, reading up on BPA we have come across some interesting articles on BPA which the general public seems to be unaware of. Consumers are generally concerned about BPA free bottles, but BPA can be found in every day consumer products such as canned food, carbonated drink cans and till slips, heck it can even be found in toilet paper and also certain beers/wines processed in lined vessels! Like most things we come across our daily lives, it is all about acceptable levels of consumption or exposure.

a Fairly comprehensive article with references on BPA can be viewed here;

Me, a Green Warrior ?

Fifty to ninety percent of plastics we use is used once and thrown away, only 5-10% of this is recovered, the rest finds its way to landfills, waterways and the ocean. It is no longer optional to live a greener lifestyle, it is the responsibility of every one of us. 

Plastics bottles accounts for roughly 50% of waste at landfills, starting a national campaign to re-use these bottles will have the single biggest positive effect on this problem.

What is even more shocking is the fact that the plastic we see laying about is the least of our worries, the pic below shows the amount of plastic consumed by a baby turtle. It is of paramount importance that we start living more considerate towards others and our planet.

University of Cape Town scientist Peter Ryan, who specialises in marine litter and has conducted national beach surveys since the 1980s, said the country needed a multi-pronged strategy to clean up its act.

"There's nothing wrong with plastic - the problem is what people do with it"

Well, let us prong away then....